Teams and BSC

Teams and the Balanced Scorecard


Our client is a medium sized service provider. Their operations cover a diversified range of products. A mixed channel distribution strategy has been adopted. The business is structured around the primary product offerings. The client was concerned that:

  • The numerous organisational strategic objectives lacked an integrative framework.
  • Managers, Business Units and Projects competed for directors time and business resource without a clear mechanism for prioritisation.
  • Departmental Initiatives designed to deliver departmental objectives often conflicted across the business.
  • Measuring progress against plan was achieved via a mix of financial and operational performance indicators which often gave conflicting messages and didn’t give the full story.
  • Employee performance and subsequent development, although based on organisational competencies, failed to link individual accomplishment to business success.

Consulting Assignment

The client asked us to review the business control processes and help them to produce an integrative system utilising the principles of the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

Key Project Activities

In phase one of the eighteen month programme we conducted the following:

Business Process Review
Working with managers throughout the organisation we reviewed the existing business strategy setting, operational planning and performance measurement systems. These were critiqued against the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) concepts and the gaps were identified.

Business Objective Integration and the Corporate Scorecard
Working with the top team in a series of one to one and group workshop sessions we prioritised and integrated the organisational objectives around the BSC framework of Customer, Operational, People and Financial goals. We then developed a corporate scorecard for the top team.

In phase two of the programme we:

Designing Business Scorecards
Working with the senior and middle management groups we designed the operational scorecards across the business linking corporate objectives to the grass root drivers of performance.

Designing Individual Scorecards
Working at various levels within the organisation we designed individual scorecards linking personal performance and development to the business objectives.

In phase three of the programme we:

Data Capture
Working with the management group we designed and captured the BSC information.

Working with the whole business we implemented the BSC management process.