Results - Managing Change Questionnaire

We have translated your scores into percentages with “Strongly Disagree” scoring 0% and “Strongly Agree” scoring 100%.

Section Aspect Value Comment
A Well Grounded Desire for Change A major weakness
B Clear and Coherent Direction A major weakness
C Set-up for Successful Delivery A major weakness
RESULTS - Total 0 A major weakness

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Strategy Development

  • The identification, assessment, mapping and planning associated with engaging people interested or affected by project and programs.


  • Tailored, targeted messaging and feedback mechanisms to ensure the right messages reach the right people in the right ways, at the right time.

Preparing Organisations for Change

  • Activities for assessing change readiness and impact; creating a shared vision, establishing a compelling business case, and defining an effective change management strategy and execution plan.

Organizational Design / Business Model Definition

  • The assessment of existing operations and the change impact to them, the creation of a high level vision of the future state and the identification of the change activities required to achieve the target operating model.

Behavioral / Cultural Change and Sustaining Change

  • Activities that drive and embed change within the organization through leadership and organizational preparedness, motivation, incentives and cultural adjustments.

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